JR Godfrey
Hemlock Grove 1x01 006
JR Godfrey
Aliases: J.R. Godfrey
Franchise: Hemlock Grove
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Businessman
Gender: Male
Location: Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania
Known relatives: Olivia Godfrey
Norman Godfrey
Juliet Godfrey
Roman Godfrey
Shelley Godfrey
Status: Deceased
Died: 1997 [1]
1st appearance: "Jellyfish in the Sky"
Final: "Catabasis"
Actor: Paul Popowich

JR Godfrey, also spelled J.R. Godfrey, is a fictional businessman and a recurring minor character featured in the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. Portrayed by actor Paul Popowich, he was first seen in flashback in the pilot episode of the series, "Jellyfish in the Sky", and made sporadic appearances throughout season one.

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J.R. Godfrey was the founder of the Godfrey Institute and was owner of its various subsidizer, including the Godfrey Steel Mill. He lived in Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania and was married to uber-bitch (and upir) Olivia Godfrey. He was the brother of Norman Godfrey and had three children.

His first daughter, Juliet, died as a child as a result of Olivia's machinations. He used his resources at the Godfrey Tower to reanimate her, but this tactic failed. His second child was Roman Godfrey, who grew up to inherit his father's business ventures. J.R. third child, Shelley Godfrey, was born with radical deformities, and also died young. He brought her to Doctor Pryce at the institute, who then reanimated her.

J.R. Godfrey eventually committed suicide, but the exact nature of his death leaves many unanswered questions. He began to understand that Olivia was something other than human, and Olivia was present on the night that J.R. died.

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  • Archival footage of JR Godfrey from various episodes was incorporated into the season one finale, "Birth".
  • Actor Paul Popowich's first work in the horror genre was playing a man named Jimmy in the "To the Orchards" of the anthology series The Hidden Room in 1991.

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  • J.R. Godfrey made four appearances in [[Hemlock Grove/Season 1|season one of Hemlock Grove. All of his appearances were in flashback. He appeared in:

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  1. It is known that JR Godfrey sixteen years before the start of the series.
  2. Archival footage from previous episodes only.

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