Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Iris.

30 Days of Night[edit | edit source]

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Iris was a vampire and a colleague of Marlow Roderick. She followed Marlow to the town of Barrow, Alaska where the vampire brood committed wholesale slaughter against the isolated townsfolk. Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson used his mother's sun lamp to cause massive burns across Iris' face. Marlow was greatly distressed by this, but seeing as how Iris was no longer fit to survive, he ended her life.

American Horror Story[edit | edit source]

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Iris is a middle-aged woman from Los Angeles, California, and the mother of Donovan. In 1994, she tracked her drug addict son to the Hotel Cortez where she tried to prevent him from associating with a junkie known as Hypodermic Sally. She was too late to stop her son from overdosing on heroin, and so she pushed Sally out of a sixth floor window. The vampire known as the Countess appeared in the room and saved Donovan's life by turning him into a vampire. Since then, Iris began working at the hotel as the receptionist. She maintained a bitter relationship with Sally, who had survived the fall, and also worked closely with another employee who called himself Liz Taylor. As the front desk receptionist, Iris often steered undesirable guests to Room 64, which was a room specially designed for vampires to conduct their feeding (as well as other unsavory practices). In 2015, Iris sent two Swedish tourists named Vendela and Agnetha to Room 64, where they were taken prisoner. Locked inside of personal cages, the women screamed as Iris fed the "Swedish meatballs" a special cocktail of vitamin rich nutrients, making them ideal for the vampire occupants, including children, that inhabited the Hotel Cortez. When Iris discovered that the Hotel Cortez had been sold to New York fashion mogul Will Drake, she feared that Liz and she would be turned out on the streets. (AHS: Checking In)

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