Insects are little creepy, crawly bugs. There are a lot of different breeds and subspecies of insect. At least twelve. The study of insects is called entomology and as such, those who practice this branch of science are entomologists. Insects, or rather mutated variations thereof, play a key role in the sci-fi/horror series Mimic.

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Insects of varying types can be found in many different forms of horror fiction.

  • In the 2002 "creature feature" film Eight Legged Freaks, a man named Joshua Taft feeds some crickets to his Orb Weaver spiders. What he didn't know was that these crickets had been exposed to toxic chemicals, which ultimately mutated the spiders that ate them, causing them to increase in both size and strength. [2]
  • Flies can be seen swarming around a pile of butchered pig meat in the back of Australian serial killer Mick Taylor's truck. More flies are seen buzzing about the decomposing corpses of Mick's latest victims in the dungeon basement of his home. [3]

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