Inkers provide ink to penciled comic book pages creating the final look of the product before it is sent off to the colorist. Inkers are as much artists themselves as the pencilers they are working with, each one bringing their own style and sense of flair to the artwork in question. Depending upon the personal style of the inker in question, an inker's work can either greatly enhance an artist's pencil work, or in some cases, lessen the desired effect. One such inker, Vince Colletta, was heavily criticized for his tendency to gloss over, or in some cases, outright remove a penciler's details in order to meet a deadline. Inkers are also sometimes referred to as finishers and embellishers.

According to Jason Lee's character in the Kevin Smith-helmed Jay & Silent Bob movies, inkers are nothing more than just "tracers". Though obviously intended to be a humorous jab, there are those who feel similarly and it is a great disservice to the craft and cheapens the artistic efforts of inkers in the industry.

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