Injured guest
Injured guest
Injured guest
Notability: Minor character
Type: Ghost
Gender: Male
Location: Overlook Hotel
Status: Deceased
Actor: Norman Gay

The injured guest is a fictional ghost and a minor character featured in the 1980 feature film The Shining by director Stanley Kubrick. He was played by actor Norman Gay in an uncredited appearance.

Biography Edit

Almost nothing is known about this individual save that he is but one of the many ghosts found at the Overlook Hotel. He is a balding, middle-aged man with a grey mustache. He is briefly seen in the lounge wearing a tuxedo and holding up a drink glass. He has a large, bloody gash running across his scalp.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • There has been fan speculation that the injured guest might actually be Horace Derwent - a previous manager of the Overlook. Contextually however, this character is more in keeping with the unnamed homosexual lover of Roger the Dog Man. The 2019 feature film Doctor Sleep however, establishes that the injured guest is in fact Derwent.

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