Idle Hands
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Title: Idle Hands
Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Terri Hughes; Ron Milbauer
Produced by: Andrew Licht; Jeffrey A. Mueller; Jeffrey Sudzin; Jennifer Todd; Suzanne Todd
Music by: Graeme Revell
Cinematography: Christopher Baffa
Edited by: Stephen E. Rivkin
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
TriStar Pictures
Released: April 30th, 1999
Rating: R
Running time: 90 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $20,000
Gross: $4,002,955

Idle Hands is an American horror film of the teen comedy subgenre. It was directed by Rodman Flender and written by Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer. It was produced by Jeffrey Sudzin, Andrew Licht, Jeffrey A. Mueller and Jennifer & Suzanne Todd for Columbia TriStar Pictures and released theatrically in the United States on April 30th, 1999. The film stars Devon Sawa as teenager Anton Tobias who suffers the misfortune of having a hand that gets possessed and goes out of control. Valiantly assisting Anton in his troubles are his best friends Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub (Elden Henson). Other notable cast members involved in the production of the film include Jessica Alba, Vivica A. Fox, Sean Whalen and Fred Willard.

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  • The tagline for this film is "The film that give horror movies the finger".

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