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Hemlock Grove
Aliases: Hemlock Grove
Category: Town
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania
Points of interest: Godfrey residence
Rumancek residence
Hemlock Grove High School
Appearances: Hemlock Grove
1st appearance: "Jellyfish in the Sky"

Hemlock Grove is a suburban community in Pennsylvania. The town is ruled by the wealthy Godfrey family whose greatest contributions to the town is not only the Godfrey steel mill, but the giant "white tower" of Godfrey Industries, which is responsible for many (and secretly unorthodox) advancements in medical science. To all outward appearances, Hemlock Grove may appear as any other normal Pennsylvania town, but there is a dark undercurrent to the city who counts vargulfs, upirs and reanimates amongst its citizenry.

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Godfrey residence
Hemlock Grove High School
Rumancek residence

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