Heidi Halleck
Heidi Halleck
Heidi Halleck
Notability: Main character
Gender: Female
Location: Connecticut
Status: Deceased
Died: 1996
1st appearance: Thinner
Actor: Lucinda Jenney

Heidi Halleck is a fictional housewife and one of the main characters from the 1996 supernatural thriller film Thinner. She was played by actress Lucinda Jenney.

Biography Edit

Heidi Halleck lived in Connecticut with her obese husband Billy and her daughter, Linda. One evening, Billy and she were driving and she decided to perform fellatio on him. Distracted, Billy hit an elderly gypsy woman named Suzanne Lempke as she was leaving a pharmacy. The woman died, and Billy used his connections in the judicial system to get any criminal charges dismissed. Suzanne's ancient father, Tadzu Lempke, sought justice for this wrongful death of his daughter, and cursed Billy to lose extensive amounts of wait to a dangerous degree.

Heidi brought in Doctor Mike Houston to examine her husband's condition, fearing that he might have developed some aggressive form of cancer. Houston visited often, and Billy suspected that he was having an affair with his wife. Tensions flared between the two, and he even blamed Heidi for causing the accident.

Billy eventually struck a deal with Tadzu to remove the curse. The old Gypsy man presented a strawberry pie, mixed with Billy Halleck's blood. He had to give it to an unsuspecting person, who would then die a quick and excruciating death upon consuming the pie. Billy decided to give it to the unfaithful Heidi. Heidi ate some of the pie, and as predicted, was wracked with intense pain, and shriveled into an emaciated corpse. Unfortunately for Billy, his daughter Linda also ate some of the pie, and suffered a similar fate.

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  1. Thinner

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