The Two Faces of Evil
Series Hammer House of Horror
Season 1, Episode 12
Hammer House of Horror 1x12 001
Air date November 29th, 1980
Writers Ranald Graham
Gerald Savory
Director Alan Gibson
Producers Brian Lawrence
David Reid
Roy Skeggs
Starring Anna Calder-Marshall; Gary Raymond; Paul Hawkins; Pauline Delaney; Philip Latham; Jenny Laird; William Moore
Episode guide
"Visitor from the Grave"
"The Mark of Satan"

The Two Faces of Evil is the twelfth episode of Hammer House of Horror, a one-hour television series that aired in the United Kingdom from April to December of 1980. The episode was directed by Alan Gibson with a script written by Ranald Graham. It first aired on November 29th, 1980. The plot centers around the Lewis family, who pick up a hitchhiker in a rain storm after nearly running him off the road. The mysterious man suddenly attacks the family and Martin Lewis is injured, suffering severe lacerations to his face and throat. He eventually returns home, but his wife Janet wonders if the man living with her is truly her husband... or is it the madman?

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