"It was not until after her death that they found the bodies. One hundred and seven of them. Would you like some more tea?"
Mrs. Henska
"Carpathian Eagle"
Series Hammer House of Horror
Season 1, Episode 9
Hammer House of Horror 1x09 001.jpg
Air date November 8th, 1980
Writers Bernie Cooper; Francis Megahy
Director Francis Megahy
Producers Brian Lawrence; David Reid; Roy Skeggs
Starring Anthony Valentine; Suzanne Danielle; Siân Phillips; Barry Stanton; Jonathan Kent
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"Children of the Full Moon"
"Guardian of the Abyss"

"Carpathian Eagle" is the ninth episode of the British television series, Hammer House of Horror. It was directed by Francis Megahy with a script written by Megahy and Bernie Cooper. It first aired on ITV1 on Saturday, November 8th, 1980. In this episode, a detective inspector named Clifford investigates a series of murders in which the victims have their hearts ripped out. This leads him to a woman named Natalie Bell, who is believed to be a Countess of the Carpathians. Clifford gets romantically involved with Natalie, but must wrestle with the notion that she may in fact be the killer.

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  • Scenes from this episode were filmed in Old Amersham, notably High Street, and a church of Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire, England.
  • This episode features a young Pierce Brosnan as the final victim of Natalie Bell. This is Pierce's second television appearance.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • The Carpathians is a mountain range that runs through Western Europe, mostly parts of Romania. In fiction, the Carpathian Mountains became famous in the 1931 horror film Dracula. This was where the Borgo Pass is located, which is featured in the first scene in the movie.
  • Thematically, this episode is similar to the 1992 thriller Basic Instinct starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. In the film, Douglas is a detective investigating a crime novelist named Catherine Trammell, who has unique insight into a series of murders. The two begin a sordid love affair, but Douglas' character suspects that Catherine may also be the killer.

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