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Type: Tool
Availability: Common item

A Hammer is a tool used for pounding nails. Different types of hammers include claw hammers (standard) and balpeen hammers. They are very effective when you need to pound two pieces of wood together, but let's face it... they also make excellent murder weapons! At least Julia Cotton thought so when she went slugging away at a couple of horny middle-aged guys just so she could provide a little extra meat for resurrecting lover Frank Cotton in Hellraiser.

Examples of use[edit | edit source]

  • Child's Play: Chucky makes his first kill as a doll by whacking babysitter Maggie Peterson in the forehead with a hammer. Go Chucky! Bitch deserved it.
  • Friday the 13th Part 2: After discovering Deputy Winslow poking around inside of his private sanctuary, Jason Voorhees dispatched the nosy police officer by whacking him in the back of the skull with the claw end of a hammer.
  • Hellraiser: Julia Cotton used a hammer to kill her first victim in the third floor bedroom at 55 Hillcrest. She whacked him once to the back of the noggin, then twice in the face. She used the hammer again to murder a second victim in the same room. Her third victim proved to be a bit more troublesome. Though she managed to bloody him up quite a bit, her lover Frank Cotton had to finish him off.
  • Wolf Creek 2: Paul Hammersmith, a torture victim of Mick Taylor, scooped up a normal claw hammer off a work table and bashed Mick across the face with it. He then used the claw to cut away the zip-ties binding his feet.

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