Continuity: Hellraiser
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
1st appearance: "The Canons of Pain"

Grillard was a fictional demon known as a Cenobite. The character is part of the Hellraiser mythos created by Clive Barker and appeared in the story "The Canons of Pain", which appeared as the first story in Clive Barker's Hellraiser #1. The character was created by Erik Saltzgaber and John Bolton.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Grillard was a demonic Cenobite who existed around the time of the Holy Crusades. Lady Carillion, in an effort to restore her husband's faith, used the Lemarchand puzzle box to summon Grillard from Hell. It was her intent that through the power of God, they could bring Satan to the fore and irrevocably destroy him. Grillard appeared before Lady Carillion with a Cenobite hound, but rather than recoil from her piousness, he instead used Hell's spears to kill her husband. With the help of Monseigneur Robitaille, Lady Carillion was able to briefly banish Grillard back to Hell.

Within the following year, Grillard appeared before Lady Carillion and Monseigneur Robitaille a second time. This time, he resurrected Lord Carillion in the form of Lady Carillion's infant son (as noted by the identical birth marks on each of their right cheeks). Afterward, he laid claim to both the Lady and the priest and pulled them both into Hell.

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