Gregory Trask
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Gregory Trask
Aliases: Reverend Gregory Trask
Franchise: Dark Shadows
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Clergy
Gender: Male
Location: Worthington Hall, Rockport, Maine
Known relatives: Reverend Trask [1]
Lamar Trask [2]
Minerva Trask [3]
Judith Collins [4]
Charity Trask [5]
Status: Deceased
Born: 1845
Died: 1897
1st appearance: Episode 725
Final: Episode 884
Actor: Jerry Lacy

Gregory Trask is fictional member of the clergy and a recurring antagonist featured on the original ABC Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. He was played by actor Jerry Lacy and first appeared in episode 725 in 1969. He is part of the "1897 Flashback" storyline and made thirty-six appearances in the series in total.

Biography[edit | edit source]

With the destruction of the vampire Dirk Wilkins, Gregory Trask found himself in a position to offer comfort to Judith Collins, who had been under Dirk's thrall. While assuring her that the nightmare was over, Tim Shaw burst into the drawing room at Collinwood. Trask pulled a gun on him and instructed Judith to call the police, declaring that he had apprehended his wife's murderer. Shaw convinced both Gregory and Judith to abandon this tactic, as it would mean that he would have to tell the police about Judith murdering Rachel Drummond. To keep Tim from blackmailing Judith, he called the police himself on an entirely different matter. He told them that Tim Shaw had been in Bangor, Maine on the night his wife died and could not have murdered her. An uneasy truce was established between the two men, but Trask had an additional condition: Tim Shaw was to leave Worthington Hall forever. (DS 777)

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  1. Great-grandfather; deceased; Walled up inside the basement of the Old House by Barnabas Collins.
  2. Grandfather; deceased; Wounded by Barnabas Collins and died in parallel time.
  3. 1st wife; deceased. Murdered by Tim Shaw.
  4. 2nd wife.
  5. Daughter.

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