Gerald's Game
Gerald's Game (novel)
Publisher's info
Title: Gerald's Game
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Viking Press
1st printing: 1992

Gerald's Game is an American full-length novel of the suspense thriller genre. It was written by author Stephen King and first published in hardcover format by Viking Press in May, 1992.

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Characters Edit

  • Gerald Burlingame
  • Jessie Angela Mahout Burlingame
  • Prince, the dog
  • Space Cowboy, Raymond Andrew Joubert
  • Tom Mahout

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  • Handcuffs

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  • Gerald's Game was adapted into a movie in 2017 that was released through Netflix on their instant streaming video service. It was written and directed by Mike Flanagan.
  • Gerald's Game was also released in audio book format and read by Lindsay Crouse.
  • Gerald's Game boasts one of the smallest character counts of any of Stephen King's novels.

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