Gale Weathers
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Gale Weathers
Aliases: Gale Riley
Gale Weathers-Riley
Franchise: Scream
Notability: Main character
Type: Reporter
Gender: Female
Location: Woodsboro, California
Known relatives: Dewey Riley [1]
Tatum Riley [2]
Status: (Alive)
Born: 1964 [3]
Introduction: Scream
Final: Scream 4
Actor: Courteney Cox

Gale Weathers is a fictional news reporter and author featured in the Scream film series. She was played by actress Courteney Cox and was introduced in the 1996 film Scream. Cox reprised the role of Gale Weathers for Scream 2 in 1997, Scream 3 in 2000 and Scream 4 in 2011.


Notes & Trivia

  • Gale Weathers is one of three main characters from the series to appear in all four films. The others are Sidney Prescott and Dewey Riley.
  • Gale Weathers is the fourth character to appear in Scream. She is the twenty-seventh character to appear in Scream 2 (not counting background extras). She is the fifth character to appear on-screen in Scream 3 (excluding a woman on the telephone who calls Cotton Weary), and she is the twelfth character to appear in Scream 4. These totals take into account "fake" characters who appear in the Stab film segments.
  • Although it is safe to assume that Gale is a native of California, it is unclear whether she hails from the town of Woodsboro, or perhaps lived close nearby.
  • Actress Parker Posey played a film actress named Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3. Parker's character was cast to play a version of Gale Weathers in the John Milton film, Stab 3.



  • Gale Weathers has been hit in the face by Sidney Prescott on two occasions. Sidney punched her in the face when she was a high school student in Scream and she slapped her in the face when she was a college student in Scream 2.
  • Gale is struck by a bullet fired by Debbie Salt intended for Mickey Altieri in Scream 2. The bullet grazes her ribs, causing some bleeding, but she was otherwise unharmed.
  • During a "meet cute" scene in Scream 2, Gale and Dewey accidentally bump heads while trying to pick something up off the floor. It is probably the only time that they bumped heads without butting heads.

Body count

  • Mickey Altieri: Along with Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Sidney shot Mickey to death during his "they always come back" moment in Scream 2.


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  1. Husband; Deputy, and later sheriff of Woodsboro.
  2. Posthumous sister-in-law. Tatum Riley was killed prior to Dewey and Gale getting married.
  3. Date approximated based upon the age of actress Courteney Cox.

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