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Fright Night
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Title: Fright Night
Directed by: Tom Holland
Written by: Tom Holland
Produced by: Herb Jaffe
Music by: Brad Fiedel
Cinematography: Jan Kiesser
Edited by: Kent Beyda
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Released: August 2nd, 1985
Rating: R
Running time: 106 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $9,000,000
Gross: $24,922,237
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Fright Night is an American feature film of the horror genre withe an emphasis on vampire fiction. It was written and directed by Tom Holland and produced by Columbia Pictures. It premiered theatrically in the United States on August 2nd, 1985. The movie spawned a sequel called Fright Night Part II in 1989, and was remade twice, first in 2011 as just Fright Night, and again in 2013 under the misleading title Fright Night 2: New Blood. The movie also spawned a Fright Night ongoing comic book series published by NOW Comics.

Fright Night stars William Ragsdale as suburban teenager Charley Brewster, who has the misfortune of discovering that his charming new next door neighbor, Jerry Dandridge, played by Chris Sarandon, is actually a vampire! While trying to balance a tenuous relationship with girlfriend Amy Peterson, Charley must now confide in his weirdo classmate "Evil" Ed Thompson over what to do about his vampire problem. Salvation comes in a most unlikely form as Roddy McDowall enters the story as Peter Vincent - a washed up movie actor-turned late night horror host.

Co-stars in the movie include Amanda Bearse as Amy Peterson, Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed, Dorothy Fielding as Judy Brewster, and Jonathan Stark as Billy Cole.

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  • The tagline for this film is "There are good reasons to be afraid of the dark".
  • Production on Fright Night began on December 3rd, 1984. Principal photography concluded on February 23rd, 1985. The shooting schedule was prolonged because William Ragsdale injured his foot while filming a scene where Charley Brewster is running down a staircase.
  • This movie was released on the same day as the John Hughes sci-fi/comedy Weird Science.

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