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"They must be punished, Jason. For what they did to you. For what they did to me. Kill for mother."
Mrs. Voorhees
Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th (2009).jpg
Title: Friday the 13th
Directed by: Marcus Nispel
Written by: Damian Shannon; Mark Swift; Mark Wheaton
Produced by: Michael Bay; Sean S. Cunningham; Andrew Form; Brad Fuller; Walter Hamada; Alma Kuttruff; Guy Stodel; Brian Witten
Music by: Steve Jablonsky
Cinematography: Daniel C. Pearl
Edited by: Ken Blackwell; Glen Scantlebury
Distributed by: New Line Cinema; Paramount Pictures; Platinum Dunes; Crystal Lake Entertainment
Released: February 13th, 2009
Rating: R
Running time: 97 min. [1]
106 min. [2]
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $19,000,000 [3]
Gross: $64,997,188 (US) [3]
$91,379,051 (Global) [4]

Friday the 13th is a 2009 horror film of the slasher sub-genre. Directed by Marcus Nispel, it is a reboot Friday the 13th seires.The film premiered on February 9th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California and opened nationally on Friday the 13th of that year. The film has received mixed reviews by both critics and fans. The film offers a truncated version of the climax to the original Friday as a prologue, providing a snapshot of the death of Pamela Voorhees, the killer from the first film, thus allowing the main thrust of the movie to center on her son, serial killer Jason Voorhees. As per typical Friday formula, Jason Voorhees murders several youths who encroach upon his territory near Camp Crystal Lake. A subplot of the film involves Clay Miller, who is searching for his sister Whitney who has been missing for over a month. He soon learns that Whitney is a prisoner of Jason Voorhees and is held captive inside the dungeon basement of the Voorhees family home.

Plot[edit | edit source]

June 13th, 1980[edit | edit source]

Pamela Voorhees

A camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake runs for her life through the rain and the darkness, trying desperately to get away from the psychotic Mrs. Voorhees. The older woman has just finished killing all the other camp counselors and now has only one more to go. She blames the woman for allowing her son Jason to drown, citing that she should have been watching him... every minute. The frantic counselor fights back, beheading Mrs. Voorhees with a machete. Moments later, a deformed young boy - Jason, comes upon his mother's remains. He collects her head as well as a cameo that she had worn about her neck. He seems to hear his mother's disembodied voice, prompting him to seek revenge against those responsible for her death.

Crystal Lake, present day[edit | edit source]

Jason attacks.

Five young friends, Wade, Richie, Mike, Amanda and Whitney go hiking up to the old campgrounds. Wade and Richie are actually in search of a mysterious marijuana field that they believe to be in the area. They are careful however not to tell the others. As evening encroaches, they set up their tents and build a fire. Wade discovers that they are near Camp Crystal Lake. Aware of the legend surrounding Jason Voorhees, he tells his friends about what happened on the lake twenty years ago. Richie doesn't really believe him, saying that the Jason Voorhees story is just an urban legend. Whitney decides to take a walk and her boyfriend Mike tags along. Whitney's thoughts aren't so much on the trip as they are on her invalid mother back at home. Mike tries to lift her spirits and the two walk towards the old campground.

At the fire, Amanda entices Richie by bearing her breasts and Richie urges Wade to go elsewhere, leaving the two of them alone in their tent to have sex. Wade wanders off into the woods and inadvertently comes upon the marijuana field that he had been secretly searching for. Jason Voorhees, now an adult and adorned with a brown sack covering his face, emerges from the darkness and attacks Wade with a machete, killing him. Jason then heads towards the camp where he begins stalking Richie and Amanda. Amanda hears a noise coming from the woods and suspects that it is Wade watching them. Richie leaves to go check it out, but while he's gone, Jason tears through the tent and grabs Amanda. He seals her up inside a sleeping bag and hangs her body suspended over the campfire where it begins to burn. Richie hears her screaming and races back to the camp. He steps in a bear trap however, which nearly severs his leg. He watches in horror as Amanda burns to death.

Another victim.

Meanwhile, Mike and Whitney walk through the woods until they reach the old abandoned campground. They find a dilapidated old house and Mike decides to explore it. Whitney protests the idea, but Mike insists. As they search through the dark house, they find evidence of someone living there. Mike finds a child's bed with the name "Jason" engraved upon the headboard. He recalls Wade's story about Jason Voorhees. They continue to explore and Mike finds a rotting head nestled inside a hole in the wall of the bathroom. In the next few seconds, Jason Voorhees attacks them from below. He stabs his machete upwards through the floorboards, stabbing Mike several times. Reaching up, he grabs the bleeding youth and pulls him down into the cellar. Mike screams for Whitney to run and she races out of the house.

Whitney runs all the way back to the camp site where she finds Amanda's burning remains. Richie is nearby, still screaming in pain from the bear trap. Whitney runs over to try and save him, but Jason Voorhees appears and runs towards them. He swings his machete down, burying it into Richie's head. He then turns and bears down on Amanda as she tries to scramble away.

Six weeks later[edit | edit source]

Trent Sutton

A group of seven college students led by a rich boy named Trent Sutton, drive up to a chateau that Trent's family has up in Crystal Lake for a weekend of fun. They stop at a gas station to store up on snacks and gas. Inside, a man named Clay Miller is passing out flyers looking for his sister Whitney, who went missing in this area more than a month ago. Trent gets agitated that Clay is taking so long speaking with the shop keeper and an instant friction develops between the two. Clay leaves, but makes certain to leave one of his flyers on the back of Trent's truck.

As he drives his motorcycle down Chestnut Street, a police cruiser pulls him over. Officer Bracke walks over to talk to Clay. The two have met in the past and Bracke was one of the original officers in charge of the search for Whitney Miller and her friends. Bracke theorizes that Whitney probably just took off with her boyfriend. Clay tries to convince him that such a thing isn't possible, but the cop has no other useful information for him. He suggests trying someplace else.

Clay drives further towards the campground and stops at an old farm house. An elderly woman and an angry dog answer the door. Clay nervously passes her a flyer and asks if she had perhaps heard anything about his missing sister. The woman plainly states, "She ain't missing. She's dead." She cryptically mentions how outsiders come into this town and they always bring trouble with them. People just want to be left alone. "And so does he.", she adds.

Meanwhile, Trent and his friends arrive at his family's summer home. He invites them to make themselves at home, but it is clear that he only brought them here to impress them with his family's wealth. One of the friends, Chewie, pulls out a massive bong and his pal Lawrence begins salivating. The others joke around with one another and they start up a drinking game. Trent is worried that their antics might mess up his parents' place. Jenna tries to get him to loosen up, so as a good faith gesture, he hands the keys to his truck to his friend Nolan. Nolan takes his girlfriend Chelsea down to the dock to avail themselves of Trent's boat.

Later, Clay continues riding his cycle and comes upon another farmhouse. He goes out to the barn where he finds a man named Donnie operating a woodchipper. He startles Donnie who warns him that he almost "...hit the start button on the whoop-ass machine". He passes out a flyer and asks about his sister, but Donnie hasn't seen her. Clay thanks him and tries to leave, but Donnie then tries to sell him some marijuana. Clay has no interest and rides off.

Continuing his journey, he makes his way to Trent's house, not realizing that the residents are the same people he met earlier at the gas station. Jenna tries to be nice and invites him inside, but when Trent sees Clay, he makes it very clear that he is unwelcome. Before the two can come to blows, Jenna walks Clay back outside. He thanks her for trying to be nice to him and says that he is going to continue looking for his sister on the other side of the lake. Jenna asks if he would like some company and the two take off on his cycle.

The end of Nolan.

Back at the farmhouse, Donnie returns after procuring a supply of marijuana from the nearby fields. He rolls a joint and entertains himself with a pornographic magazine, before venturing into the upstairs quarter of the barn. Donnie begins rummaging through various pieces of junk when he hears a noise from behind him. Jason Voorhees is standing on the landing holding two cans of kerosene. Donnie backs up as Jason advances on him. He tries punching him, but succeeds only in tearing away Jason's sack mask. Jason pulls out his machete and slices Donnie's throat open. As the body falls to the floor, Jason takes note of a hockey mask in the mist of the various bric-a-brac. He picks up the mask and decides that it is a suitable replacement for his torn sack.

Nolan and Chelsea meanwhile, disobey Trent's instruction and take his boat out. Nolan pilots the boat while Chelsea goes wakeboarding topless. As they are enjoying themselves, an arrow flies out of the woods and goes through Nolan's head. He slumps over and the boat begins circling about. On its return path, it strikes Chelsea and she begins bleeding from the head wound. As she flounders in the water, she catches sight of Jason Voorhees standing in the woods nearby armed with a machete. She panics and begins swimming towards the dock. She bobs underneath the dock, hoping that Jason doesn't know where she is. A machete blade comes down through the wooden blank, spearing Chelsea through the top of the head.

As night falls, Clay and Jenna continue searching as they explore the old campground. They come upon the Voorhees residence and go inside. When they come back out, they catch sight of Jason Voorhees walking up the trail. They hide behind a nearby canoe rack and Jason drops a body at their feet. Jason hears a noise and turns on the floodlights. Unsure of where the noise came from, he begins pulling the canoes down from the wrack. Clay and Jenna manage to remain hidden long and when Jason enters his house, the two run back down the trail. As they run, Jenna trips on a wire which activates a string of bells. The bell channel runs all the way back to the house and into the subterranean caverns that run beneath the campground. Locked inside one of the tunnels is Whitney Miller, still alive, and bound in chains. Jason goes down into the tunnel, which also serves as his personal work shop. He begins sharpening his machete on a whet stone. Jason's thoughts trail back to his mother and he flies into a rampage, smashing boxes and throwing stuff against the wall. He pulls out the old cameo that he had taken from his mother's corpse and shows it to Whitney. Whitney doesn't understand what the madman is trying to communicate and Jason leaves. When he is gone, Whitney rifles through a bag that Jason had left inside the room. Inside the bag are piles of Clay's missing persons posters as well as Wade's broken GPS. Whitney pulls the GPS apart and takes out a spring which she then uses to pick the lock on her chains. Once free, she escapes from the house.

Home invasion[edit | edit source]

Jason attacks!

Back at the Sutton house, Bree, Lawrence and Chewie all have fun while Trent paces back and forth waiting for Jenna to return home. Bree dances in the middle of the floor while Chewie and Lawrence, both stoned, watch entranced. Chewie tries to hit on Bree and she convinces him to try a flaming shot. The drink burns Chewie's lip and he flails backwards, breaking an antique chair. Trent screams at him and Chewie promises to fix it. He sends the young stoner out to the work shed to get some tools. Frustrated, Trent goes upstairs with Bree. They lock themselves inside his bedroom and begin having sex. Downstairs, Lawrence, alone and bored, contemplates masturbating to a fashion magazine. Clay and Jenna suddenly burst into the house and announce that there is a killer on the loose. Jenna goes to find Trent, but he is determined to keep her waiting until he is done having sex.

In the work shed, Chewie stumbles about examining all of the various tools. He finds an old body of liquor and completely forgets the reason he came down here to begin with. Jason Voorhees appears and shoves Chewie against the wall. He then slowly drives a screwdriver into the boy's neck.

Whitney arrives at the house, but as she reaches the window, she tries to signal Trent and Bree who don't see her. Jason comes up from behind her and drags her back out into the darkness.

Trent finally comes out of the bedroom and is angry to see that Clay is back inside his house. The two nearly come to blows once again and Trent refuses to listen when Clay tries to explain that there is a killer on the loose. Trent tries calling the police, but the telephone lines have been cut. Lawrence decides to go out to look for Chewie. He goes to the work shed and finds that Jason has returned. The two fight with one another and Lawrence manages to stab him in the leg. Taking the opportunity to escape, he runs outside back towards the house. Jason picks up an axe and hurls it through the air where it slams into Lawrence's back. The boy falls face forward onto a wood pile. He's not dead yet, and he begins screaming for help. The others hear Lawrence's cries of pain and want to help him, but Clay tells them that Jason is only using him as bait. When this ploy fails, Jason turns Lawrence over and slams him down so that the axe blade comes out through his chest.

Inside the house, Trent begins to panic and forages around until he finds his father's gun. Clay thinks that he is too emotional and irresponsible right now to have a gun in his hand and Trent proves Clay's point by wildly shooting at every noise he hears. Upstairs, Jason re-enters the house and attacks Bree. He grabs her by the throat and impales her on a set of deer antlers on the wall.

Moments later, a police cruiser pulls up to the house with its lights flashing. Officer Bracke gets out and knocks on the door. Jason comes up behind him and when the man turns around, he pushes a fire poker through his eye, pinning him to the door.

Trent finds Bree's body and they realize that Jason now has access to the house. They leave through the front door, pushing past Officer Bracke. Clay tries to find his motorcycle keys, but discovers they are gone. Trent gets into the police car and tries to radio for help. Bree's body comes crashing down onto the windshield and Trent lets out a whelp. Clay and Jenna run off in one direction while Trent takes off down the road. As he stumbles out into the road he is nearly run down by a passing tow truck. The driver stops and waves him forward, but before he can react, Jason appears behind Trent and impales him through the chest with his machete. He then tosses Trent's body onto a row of rail spikes coming out of the back of the truck and the driver takes off down the road.

Jason attacks Clay.

Clay and Jenna run back towards the Voorhees house. When they arrive they find the secret passageway that runs beneath the campground. As they travel through the tunnel, Clay finds Whitney who is once again bolted to the ground with a heavy chain. Clay finds a sharp instrument and begins hacking away at the chain. Jenna warns him that Jason is coming, but he manages to break Whitney free and all three begin running. They reach a metal grate that leads upwards, but Jason catches up to Jenna and stabs her through the back with his blade and tosses her to the side. Clay and Whitney work their way up the grate which exits into the window of an overturned bus. Jason follows them and manages to catch up to Clay. He slams Clay down onto the glass window then goes after Whitney. Whitney surprises Jason and kicks him back down into the hole of the tunnel. The two begin running again as Jason climbs back up out of the hole and continues the chase.

Jason tracks them back to the barn where Donnie worked. Clay and Jason fight one another, but Whitney distracts the killer by calling out his name. As Jason turns around, Whitney shows him the cameo of his mother. This enables Clay to attack him from behind with a bear trap. The two wrap a chain around Jason's neck, throwing one end into the woodchipper. The machine is activated and begins chewing up the chain, dragging Jason back towards it. As the chain is pulled taut, Jason's neck snaps. Whitney finishes him off by shouting "Say hi to Mommy!" before plunging his own machete into his chest. Clay and Whitney then take Jason's body and dump it in the lake. They breathe a sigh of relief as they believe the nightmare is over. Suddenly, Jason bursts up through the dock and attacks them.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tagline to this film is, "Welcome to Crystal Lake".
  • Friday the 13th closed out of theaters on April 23rd, 2009. It had been in release for a total of ten weeks (70 days). At its widest release, it was screened in 3,105 theaters. [4]
  • Although this is the fourth Friday film produced by New Line Cinema, it is the first film to actually use Friday the 13th as part of its title.
  • The opening Paramount Pictures intro is presented through a red filter to give it a more ominous appearance.
  • Harry Manfredini's signature "ki-ki-ki Ma-ma-ma" sound effect is noticeably absent from the film. It is briefly played during the Platinum Dunes title sequence, but is otherwise unused.
  • The setting for the film takes place in New Jersey, which was the established setting in the first few Friday films. Later installments in the series left the location of Camp Crystal Lake and its surrounding environs ambiguous. The license plate on Trent's truck, as well as the registry number on his boat show that the film takes place in New Jersey. The movie itself was actually filmed in Austin, Texas.
  • The prologue sequence takes place in the year 1980, the same year that the original Friday the 13th was released.
  • There are two versions of the death of Donnie in this film. In the theatrical release, Jason slices Donnie's throat open with his machete and discovers the hockey mask on the floor amongst the other junk. In the "Additional Slashed Scenes" segment on the Friday the 13th: Killer Cut DVD, Donnie begins wearing the hockey mask as he is entertaining himself in the attic. Jason fully decapitates him, then removes the mask from Donnie's severed head.
  • Actress Kathleen Garrett provided voice samples for the character of Pamela Voorhees in the teaser trailer for the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. She is credited in the film as voice artist. [6]

Characters[edit | edit source]

In alphabetical order

Amanda (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Amanda was a young woman who was dating a boy named Richie. Amanda and Richie accompanied their friends Wade, Mike and Whitney to Camp Crystal Lake for a camping trip. Amanda enticed Richie by secretly bearing her breasts while he talked to Wade. After Wade, Mike and Amanda left the site, Amanda and Richie began having sex in their tent. Richie left when he heard a noise and it was then that Jason Voorhees attacked her. He sealed her inside a sleeping bag and suspended her over the campfire where she burned to death.
Bree (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Bree was a young woman who accompanied seven other friends to a lake house to spend the summer weekend. Although the owner of the home, Trent Sutton, was romantically tied to a girl named Jenna, he grew frustated with her when she rode off with another man named Clay Miller. Bree had sex with Trent in an upstairs bedroom. Moments later, Jason Voorhees broke into the house and impaled Bree on a pair of antlers from a deer head mounted on the wall.
Camp counselor
Camp counselor (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
This young woman was the last surviving camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake during the 1980 rampage of Pamela Voorhees. Pamela blamed all of the counselors for the accidental drowning of her son and killed them off one by one. This unidentified woman fought against Mrs. Voorhees and beheaded her on the shore of the lake. Little did she realize that Pamela's son Jason (who did in fact survive) witnessed his own mother's decapitation.
Chelsea (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Chelsea accompanied her boyfriend Nolan for a summer getaway at their friend Trent Sutton's family home in Crystal Lake. Chelsea and Nolan went wakeboarding on Trent's boat when they were attacked by Jason Voorhees. Jason shot Nolan through the head with an arrow, causing him to veer the boat sharply, striking Chelsea. Chelsea swam underneath a dock, but Jason stabbed her through the top of her head with a machete. He left her body on the shore of the lake where it was discovered later by Clay and Jenna.
Chewie was a young man who accompanied seven of his friends to a lake house owned by the parents of Trent Sutton. Lawrence was close friends with a young man named Lawrence and the two spent the bulk of the weekend drinking beer and smoking marijuana. While heavily inebriated, Chewie expressed in interest in a woman named Bree. Bree convinced Chewie to try a flaming shot. When the glass burned his lip, he fell backwards, breaking one of Trent's chairs. Promising to fix it, Chewie went out to the work shed to get some tools. Jason Voorhees appeared and stabbed Chewie through the neck with a screwdriver. He then suspended his remains upside down from the rafters where they were later discovered by Lawrence.
Clay Miller
Main article: Clay Miller
Clay Miller.jpg
Clay Miller came to Camp Crystal Lake searching for his sister Whitney who went missing six weeks earlier. During his travels, he ran afoul of a man named Trent Sutton. Clay took Trent's girlfriend Jenna with him as he continued his search and eventually came to the old Voorhees residence. They found Whitney, but also found the home's main occupant, Jason Voorhees. Jason and Clay fought with one another, but along with his sister, he succeeded in defeating Jason by strangling him with a length of chain that was caught in a woodchipper.
Donnie (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Donnie was a marijuana-smoking farmhand who worked out of a barn owned by Mister Garrett. Clay Miller came to the farm to ask questions regarding his missing sister Whitney. Donnie couldn't help him, but was eager to sell him some marijuana. Later, Jason Voorhees came into the barn to steal gasoline. Donnie found him and Jason cut his head off (or slit his throat depending upon the version). Jason wrapped his body in a tarp and brought it back to his house.
Gas station attendant
Gas station attendant (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
The gas station attendant agreed to help Clay Miller hang up some missing persons flyers relating to Whitney Miller at the Outpost gas station in Crystal Lake. Another customer named Trent felt that Clay was taking too long and rudely rushed him along so he could pay for his groceries.
Jason Voorhees
Main article: Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 001.jpg
Jason Voorhees was the son of Pamela Voorhees. In 1980, he narrowly survived a drowning incident at Camp Crystal Lake. His mother however, believed that he had died and blamed the camp counselors for their negligence. Jason witnessed the sole surviving counselor behead his mother on the shore of Crystal Lake. As an adult, Jason continued to live in the Voorhees family home which sat atop a series of mine shafts that beneath the entire campground. In the Spring of 2009, he murdered four hikers and abducted a girl named Whitney Miller whom he held captive in a dungeon beneath his house. Six weeks later, Whitney's brother Clay came looking for her and Jason found several more people to murder as he raided a summer house near the lake. Clay and Whitney fought Jason and seemingly defeated him, but Jason returned from his own apparent demise once again for one final kill.
Jenna (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Jenna was a young woman who accompanied her boyfriend Trent Sutton and six other friends to the Sutton family's lake house to spend the summer weekend. When a stranger named Clay Miller came around searching for his missing sister, Jenna took pity on him and decided to help out. They both traveled to the Camp Crystal Lake and found the old Voorhees house. Learning that Jason Voorhees had been murdering people, they returned to the lake house to warn the others. They eventually went back to the Voorhees house where they found Clay's sister Whitney. They succeeded in rescuing Whitney, but Jason appeared and stabbed Jenna through the back with his machete.
Lawrence (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Lawrence was a young man who accompanied seven of his friends to a lake house owned by the parents of Trent Sutton. Lawrence was close friends with a young man known as "Chewie" and the two spent the bulk of the weekend drinking beer and smoking marijuana. When Chewie suddenly turned up missing, Lawrence went out to the work shed to check on him. He found Chewie's body as well as his murderer, Jason Voorhees. Lawrence fled from the work shed, but Jason threw an axe at him, striking Lawrence in the back.
Mike (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Mike accompanied his friends Wade, Amanda, Richie and girlfriend Whitney on a camping trip to Camp Cyrstal Lake. After hearing a campfire tale about Jason Voorhees, Whitney and he decided to go for a walk. They found the dilapidated ruins of the old Voorhees house and decided to explore it. Jason Voorhees attacked them from beneath the cellar, stabbing Richie multiple times with his machete. He broke through the floor boards and dragged him below where he finished him off.
Mister Garrett
Mister Garrett owned a patch of farmland out near Crystal Lake. He employed a foul-mouthed farmhand named Donnie to work in his barn. Clay Miller stopped at Garrett's farm to inquire about his missing sister. Jason Voorhees later came here and killed Donnie and then had a fight with Clay Miller which nearly resulted in the death of both of them.
Nolan (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Nolan was a friend of Trent Sutton's who accompanied him on a weekend vacation to his family's summer home along with his girlfriend Chelsea. Trent reluctantly allowed Nolan to use his truck to go down to the lake, but warned him not to use his boat. Nolan disregarded Trent's instructions and Chelsea and he went wakeboarding. Jason Voorhees killed Nolan by shooting him in the head with an arrow.
Officer Bracke
Officer Bracke.jpg
Officer Bracke investigated a string of disappearances that occurred around Camp Crystal Lake. Clay Miller, brother to one of the missing people, continued in the search even after Bracke and his fellow officers had given up. Bracke responded to a 911 call from the Sutton house, but when he arrived, Jason Voorhees appeared from behind and stabbed him through the eye with a fire poker.
Officer Lund
Officer Lund.jpg
Officer Lund worked closely with Officer Bracke. When the sheriff's office received a 911 call regarding a situation at the Sutton residence, Lund recognized the caller as a man named Clay Miller. Lund knew of Miller and felt that he was an alarmist and didn't take the call seriously. Officer Bracke chastised him and said that he was going over to the house to check it out.
Old caretaker
Old caretaker (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
The old caretaker was driving his tow truck down a highway late at night when he noticed a frantic young man named Trent Sutton stumbling out onto the road. The driver stopped and motioned to Trent to come over to the truck so he could see if he needed help. Jason Voorhees emerged and ran Trent through with his machete. He then impaled him on a row of spikes on the back of the man's truck. The caretaker gunned the engine and drove off into the night.
Old lady
Old Lady (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
The "old lady" lived in a farmhouse with a large, barking dog. Clay Miller came to her inquiring about his missing sister. The old lady explained that his sister wasn't missing, but was in fact, dead. She cryptically stated that people around this area just want to be left alone, "...and so does he."
Pamela Voorhees
Main article: Pamela Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees 002.jpg
Pamela Voorhees was the mother of Jason Voorhees. In 1980, when Jason was still a child, it was believed that he had drowned in the lake at Camp Crystal Lake. Pamela, distraught over her child's apparent demise, blamed the camp counselors for failing to watch over him and went on a rampage, murdering all but one. A single surviving counselor fought back against Mrs. Voorhees, beheading her on the shore of Crystal Lake. Little did she realize that Pamela's son Jason (who did in fact survive) witnessed his own mother's decapitation. In his head, he heard her disembodied voice urging him to take revenge.
Richie (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Richie accompanied his friends Wade, Whitney, Mike and girlfriend Amanda on a camping trip to Camp Cyrstal Lake. Wade and he were actually in search of a marijuana field that was rumored to be in the area. At night, the others took off, leaving Richie time to have sex with Amanda. Jason Voorhees appeared and cleaved Richie in the middle of the head with his machete.
Trent Sutton
Main article: Trent Sutton
Trent Sutton 001.jpg
Trent Sutton was a rich, spoiled college student who invited several of his friends to his family's lake house for a weekend of partying. Trent met a man named Clay Miller and the two took an instant dislike to one another. Trent's girlfriend Jenna decided to leave with Clay to help him search for his missing sister. Frustrated, Trent had an affair with a girl named Bree. When Jason Voorhees raided the Sutton home, Trent tried to escape by hailing a ride on a passing tow truck. Voorhees caught up to him and stabbed Trent through the back with his machete. He then impaled him on a row of spikes on the back of the truck.
Wade (Friday the 13th 2009).jpg
Wade organized a hiking trip with his friends to Camp Crystal Lake. His friend Richieand he wre actually in search of a marijuana field rumored to be in the area. After setting up camp, Wade entertained his friends by telling them the legend of Jason Voorhees. Later, he went off on his own and found the marijuana field. Jason Voorhees attacked him, slicing his throat and cutting his ear off with a machete. Richie found his body a short time later.
Whitney Miller
Main article: Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller 001.jpg
Whitney Miller was the sister of Clay Miller. She accompanied her boyfriend Mike and three other friends on a camping trip to Camp Crystal Lake. After hearing the legend of Jason Voorhees, Whitney and Mike elected to leave the camp and explore the area. They found the old Voorhees residence and were attacked by Jason Voorhees. Jason killed Mike and captured Whitney. He kept her chained up in a tunnel that ran beneath the house. Whitney eventually escaped, but Jason soon recaptured her and brought her back to her underground dungeon. Clay Miller finally found Whitney and helped to free her. Together, they fought against Jason and succeeded in defeating him by strangling him with a length of chain that was caught in a woodchipper.

Body Count[edit | edit source]

Order Victim Method
1 Wade Machete to the throat; ear cut off
2 Amanda Burned to death inside sleeping bag
3 Mike Mulitiple stab wounds with a machete
4 Richie Machete to the face
5 Donnie Throat slit/decapitated with machete
6 Nolan Arrow through the head
7 Chelsea Machete through the top of the head
8 Chewie Screwdriver through neck
9 Lawrence Axe to the back
10 Bree Impaled on deer antlers
11 Officer Bracke Fire poker through the eye
12 Trent Sutton Stabbed through back then impaled on tow truck spikes
13 Jenna Stabbed through back with machete

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