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Female partial nudity
Classification: Explicit content
Associated franchises: Halloween film series
Psycho film series
Associated films: Count Yorga, Vampire
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Associated programs: American Horror Story
True Blood
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Female partial nudity refers to scenes from a film wherein a female character is presented as partially nude. Scenes like this may also be construed as implied nudity. It is not uncommon for actresses to use costuming techniques to give the appearance of nudity even though they may be fully clothed. It is also not uncommon for some production crews to hire body doubles to replace actresses that do not wish to appear nude in a scene.

In film Edit

  • Count Yorga, Vampire: The vampire brides of Count Yorga are in near states of undress at various parts of the movie. In order to get a GP rating however, the fully nude scenes were removed from the theatrical release of the film.
  • Psycho (1998): Anne Heche's Marion Crane is seen partially naked during the infamous shower murder scene in the remake of Psycho. All of the shots are quick cutaway shots like in the original. Partial buttocks is exposed as well.
  • Resident Evil: Milla Jovovich's left breast and groin can be briefly glimpsed at the end of the movie where her character is getting up from a hospital bed wearing nothing but a white sheet. Nudity is also implied at the beginning of the film when she is seen slumped at the bottom of a shower.

In television Edit

  • Angel: Smile Time: Nina Ash is BARELY covered up in the scene in her cell with puppet fluff in her mouth.
  • The Hunger: Nunc Dimittis: A schizo chick in a shooting gallery has an open shirt and her left breast is partially exposed as she's jumping about.

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