"Fear is the little death that consumes you."
Doctor Andover[src]

Fear Clinic is an internet web series hosted by the website FEARnet.com. Five episodes were produced for the series and were first hosted on October 26th, 2009. The series was produced by Fear Chamber Productions and Chang Tseng and Robert Hall's Dry County Entertainment. The episodes were filmed from June 23rd to June 29th. The series premiered on the website and FEARnet's video-on-demand channel as a centerpiece event of its annual Halloween scare-a-bration. Fear Clinic starred several notable horror film icons including Robert Englund as phobia specialist Doctor Andover, actor/stuntman Kane Hodder as Villatoro, A Nightmare on Elm Street heroine Lisa Wilcox as Nurse Evans and Halloween star Danielle Harris as Susan. Each episode focused on a different phobia and showcased Englund's Doctor Andover's unorthodox attempts to cure the patient of their symptoms.

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  • Fear Clinic is rated TV-14.
  • Special creature and makeup effects were produced by Almost Human.
  • Many may not recognize the face of co-star Kane Hodder, but everyone is familiar with his work. In addition to being a stunt coordinator and stunt performer, Kane Hodder is also known for donning the infamous hockey mask of Jason Voorhees in three of the Friday the 13th feature films. He has also played the role of monstrous swamp man Victor Crowley in the Hatchet film series.

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