Ernest Fairchild
Evil Ernie 003.jpg
Ernest Fairchild
Aliases: Ernie Fairchild
Evil Ernie
Notability: Main character
Type: Resurrected
Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey
Washington, D.C.
Associations: Dead Onez
Known relatives: Mister Fairchild
Mrs. Fairchild
Status: Undead
Died: 1991
1st appearance: Evil Ernie #1

Ernest "Evil Ernie" Fairchild is a fictional resurrected undead and the eponymous antagonist of his own series of Evil Ernie comic book titles. Evil Ernie first appeared in his own comic book series in 1991 by Eternity Comics, which was an imprint of Malibu Graphics. Created by writer and artist Brian Pulido, he soon became the face of Pulido's own company, Chaos! Comics. After Chaos discontinued in 2002, the Evil Ernie property was purchased by Devil's Due Publishing. All of the former Chaos! Comics properties were later acquired by Dynamite Entertainment.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ernie Fairchild was a young man gifted with the ability to perceive the thoughts of others, as well as the power of premonition. This, in addition to the abuse he suffered as a child, drove him to a psychotic state, wherein he ultimately murdered his parents. He was remanded to the care of a psycho-behaviorist named Doctor Leonard Price as well as a neurologist named Doctor Mary Young. Young devised a Neurotech device, which she believed could suspend Fairchild's abilities, but the machine ultimately exploded, killing Ernest Fairchild in the process. And that's when things got REALLY scary. The immortal goddess known as Lady Death, who had already established a link with Ernest via his dreams, used her power to resurrect him as an undead agent. In exchange for this, Ernest had but one task to perform on behalf of Lady Death - kill every single person on the planet Earth. Reborn as "Evil Ernie", Fairchild took to the task with great relish, assisted by hordes of zombies called the "Dead Onez".

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The character of Ernest Fairchild was created by writer and editor Brian Pulido.
  • Possesses an evil button named Smiley.

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