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Eric Northman
True Blood 5x02 007
Eric Northman
Type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Known relatives: Ulfrik [1]
Godric [2]
Nora Gainsborough [3]
Pam De Beaufort [4]
Willa Burrell [5]
Tara Thornton [6]
Born: 1,000 AD (approx)
1st appearance: Dead Until Dark
"Escape from Dragon House"
Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

Eric Northman is a fictional vampire from "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series of novels written by Charlaine Harris. The novels have been adapted into the popular HBO television series, True Blood, where the role of Eric Northman was played by actor Alexander Skarsgård.

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  • Is one of the only known vampires with the ability to fly. In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", Bill Compton can also fly to some extent, but he cannot in the TV series.

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  1. Father; Viking chieftain; deceased.
  2. Vampire progenitor; deceased.
  3. Vampire "sister"; deceased.
  4. Vampire progeny; alive.
  5. Vampire progeny; alive.
  6. Vampire grand-progeny via Pam De Beaufort; deceased.

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