Empty Zone
Empty Zone Vol 2 10.jpg
Title: Empty Zone
Publisher: Image Comics
Type: Ongoing series
Published: 2015-present
Total issues: 10+
Creators: Jason Shawn Alexander; Luis Nct; Sherard Jackson; Darragh Savage
Previous: Empty Zone, Vol. 1

Empty Zone is an ongoing comic book series of the dystopic future science fiction and horror genres. It was created by Jason Shawn Alexander and published by Image Comics. The series began publication in June, 2015.

Empty Zone brings us a future eighty years after a worldwide black out. The world is a much darker and scarier place. Corinne White is an ex-soldier turned black market spy, data courier, manic-depressive, alcoholic. Punishing herself for mistakes from her past, Corinne is brought out from her spiral when she’s contacted by her dead friends who inform her of a plot to reanimate the bodies of the dead by a psychotic billionaire.


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