Emma Duval
Scream 1x02 005
Emma Duval
Franchise: Scream: The Series
Notability: Main character
Type: Student
Gender: Female
Location: Lakewood, California
Known relatives: Maggie Duval
Kevin Duval
Piper Shaw
Status: Alive
Born: 1999
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Actor: Willa Fitzgerald
Madison Wolfe [1]

Emma Duval is a fictional high school student and the main character from the Scream: The Series television program, which began airing on MTV in June, 2015. The role of Emma Duval was played by actress Willa Fitzgerald. She was introduced in the pilot episode of the series.

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  • Emma Duval is not only the main character from the series, but is also categorized in the "Final Girl" film trope.

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  • Will Belmont - First boyfriend; lost her virginity to him, which was secretly recorded. Broke up with him after he cheated on her with Nina Patterson.
  • Kieran Wilcox - Became involved with Kieran after ending things with Will. Kind of odd, since her mother was dating Kieran's father at the exact same time.

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  • Will Belmont - Accidentally triggered a booby trap that split Will in half with some farming equipment.
  • Piper Shaw - Contributed to her demise by being the first one to shoot her, but didn't execute the kill shot.

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  1. Madison Wolfe played young Emma Duval in flashback scenes in "Ghosts".

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