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Emily Radcliff is a secondary character featured in the ABC television series The Gates. Played by actress Georgia Cole, she first appeared in the series pilot episode.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Emily Radcliff is the adopted daughter of vampires Dylan and Claire Radcliff. She was born around the year 2004 and adopted by the Radcliffs only a few months later. Unlike her nocturnal guardians, Emily is completely human and is as yet, unaware of her parents' supernatural heritage.

In 2010, Emily was playing in the street near her home when her skateboard got away from her. She ran out into the street to catch it and was nearly struck by a motorist named Mark Woodbury. Mark swerved his truck in time to avoid hitting Emily, but collided into a power box. Emily was shaken by the incident, but was fit enough to go to school that day. ("Pilot")

Claire later took Emily out with Sarah Monohan's daughter Dana to get some ice cream. A woman named Devon Buckley, a rival of Claire's approached Emily and feined friendship, but this was merely a tactic used to taunt Claire into giving her what she secretly wanted - a sample of her blood. ("What Lies Beneath")

Emily later attended the 5th Annual Father/Daughter dance with her father Dylan. ("The Monster Within")

A few nights later, Dylan brought over an old friend to stay for dinner, Christian Harper. Emily immediately took to him and he regaled her with old stories about how crazy he used to be for her mother. He insisted that Emily should refer to him as "Uncle Christian". ("Jurisdiction")

Christian came over to the house a short time later and Claire found him in the living room playing with Emily. By this point however, Claire had developed great scorn towards Christian and ordered Emily up to her room. ("Dog Eat Dog")

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  1. In "The Monster Within", Dylan Radcliff tells Nick Monohan that they adopted Emily when she was only a few months old six years ago.

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