Ella Ashen
Ella Ashen 001
Ella Ashen
Notability: Antagonist
Location: Ravens Fair, USA
Known relatives: Edward Ashen
Jamie Ashen
Status: Alive
1st appearance: Dead Silence
Actor: Amber Valletta

Ella Ashen is a fictional film character and a secondary antagonist featured in the 2007 horror movie Dead Silence. She was played by actress Amber Valletta.

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Little is known about Ella Ashen, save that she was the instrument of vengeance for the angry spirit of ventriloquist Mary Shaw. Ella found a book called How to Make a Perfect Doll and used it to animate the corporeal remains of her husband Edward Ashen. Turning him into a human puppet, Ella manipulated Edward by way of a wooden rode inserted into his spine.

She convinced Edward's son Jamie that Edward was still alive, and used ventriloquism to imitate his voice. Jamie sought to put Mary Shaw's spirit at rest by destroying her doll collection, but Ella had the last laugh by unleashing Shaw's ghost upon him saying, "Who's the dummy, now?"

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