Elementary school is like high school for short people. It spans grades 1-5, though some may also incorporate middle school grades 6-8. Like most schools of note, elementary schools are public learning centers organized by a regional school board. They are administered by a principal and a vice principal and include a staff of teachers fully capable of teaching the little brats how to add 2+2 together and to discourage students from picking their nose in public.

In the original Halloween film series, the character of Tommy Doyle attended Haddonfield Elementary School, which was located in the town of Haddonfield in Illinois. In the film, only the exterior of the school is shown. A poignant scene shows Tommy Doyle existing class carrying a pumpkin when he is accosted three older students named Keith, Richie Castle and Lonnie Elamb. The bullies antagonize Tommy at length, teasing him about the threat of the "Boogey Man", who is going to come after him.

In the late 1980s, a troubled orphan girl named Jamie Lloyd attended this same school. Like Tommy Doyle, she too was teased by bullies, who made fun of the fact that her uncle was the infamous masked serial killer, Michael Myers. Kids are dicks that way.

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Haddonfield Elementary School Halloween film series

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