Walter Paisley - Electrocuted
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Electrocution is what happens when ya get zapped by a bagajillion volts of electricity and your hair stands out. It can also kill ya too if you're not careful.

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  • Chopping Mall: Park Plaza Mall janitor Walter Paisley got uppity with one of the roving Killbots who fired a taser at him. The taser landed in a puddle of water at Paisley's feet. When Walter swung his mop to attack the Killbot, it activated the electric charge, electrocuting him.
  • Freddy vs. Jason - Jason tries to hit Scott Stubbs with his machete, but hits a computer panel, which sends a discharge through both of their bodies, killing Stubbs.
  • Funhouse, The - A demented maniac wearing a Frankenstein mask paid a fortune teller named Madame Zena to have sex with him, but when she refuse to refund his money after he prematurely ejaculated, he strangled her to death while slamming her body against an electrical panel, which subsequently shorted out all of the power to the fun park that she worked at. As he body slipped from his hands, white foam poured out of her mouth.

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  • Preacher: Sundowner - Susan electrocutes Fiore and DeBlanc during a brawl at the Sundowner Motel.

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