Elder Martin
Elder Martin
Elder Martin
Franchise: Hellblazer
Notability: Antagonist
Type: Cult leader
Gender: Male
Location: Liberty, Iowa
Associations: Resurrection Crusade
Tongues of Fire
Known relatives: Mary Martin [1]
Status: Unknown
1st appearance: Hellblazer #4

Elder Martin is a fictional cult leader and an antagonist featured in comic books published by DC Comics. He is associated with the Constantine line of titles and first appeared in Hellblazer #4 in April, 1988.

Biography Edit

Elder Martin was the leader of the Resurrection Crusade. He was also the father of Mary Martin, aka "Zed", whom was regarded by the Crusade as "The Mary". Elder Martin led a splinter group of the Crusaders known as the Tongues of Fire to the home of Ray Monde in Camden where Zed had been staying. While Martin abducted Zed, his lieutenants brutalized Monde, ultimately killing him.

Abilities Edit

  • Charisma: Elder Martin has the ability to command respect and influence people. Despite this ability, the guy is still a total a-hole.

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  1. Also known as "Zed" and "The Mary"; Daughter, alive.

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