Eaten Alive is an American independent horror film directed by Tobe Hooper. Produced by Mohammed, Mardi and Samir Rustam of the Mars Productions Corporation, it was released theatrically in the United States in May of 1977. The film stars Neville Brand as Judd, the proprietor of a sleazy motel in the swamps of Elmendorf, Louisiana. When a distraught prostitute comes to his establishment, Judd decides that she is of questionable virtue and murders her with a scythe, before feeding her to his pet crocodile. This begets a chain of events as Judd's psychosis grows to a fever pitch and the bodies begin to pile up.

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Eaten Alive was released to Region 1 DVD, widescreen format by Elite Entertainment and Dark Sky Films on February 1st, 2001. The Special Edition DVD, which contains an extra three minutes of footage was released by Dark Sky and MPI Home Video on September 26th, 2006. Bonus features include special audio commentary by producer/co-writer Mardi Rustam, actors Robert Collins, Kyle Richards, William Finley and makeup artist Craig Reardon. The disc also included a "My Name is Buck" featurette starring actor Robert Englund. Other features include "The Butcher of Elmendorf" feature, still galleries and trailers. A two-disc special edition of the film was released by Dark Sky Films on September 25th, 2007. This version includes the same featurettes as the single-disc Special Edition, but also includes a feature called "5ive Minutes with Marilyn Burns", alternate credit and title sequences, a behind-the-scenes slideshow and comment cards.

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  • Also known as Brutes and Savages and Slaughter Hotel.

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