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The Walking Dead[edit | edit source]

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Dwight was a former member of the Saviors and occupied a region in Virginia. Along with Sherry and Tina, he escaped from the Saviors into the woods in search of a fuel truck from the A.A. Pattrick Fuel Company. He came upon Daryl Dixon, whom he mistakenly believed was a Savior pursuer and captured him. Daryl escaped, but returned to help Dwight, Tina and Sherry when other members of the group came looking for them. Despite this, Dwight turned against Daryl, stealing his motorcycle and crossbow.

Dwight later returns with Saviors, his face notably burned on the left side possibly as punishment by Negan for his previous escape attempt. He shoots Denise Cloyd through the back of the head with an arrow from Daryl's crossbow, claiming it to be an accident and is shown to have captured Eugene Porter. Dwight demands Rosita Espinosa and Daryl to give up the location of Alexandria or else Eugene while die. Eugene distracts the Saviors by pointing out where Abraham Ford is hiding and takes the opportunity to create a diversion by biting Dwight's crotch and starting a firefight. Dwight and the remaining Saviors manage to escape, however.


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