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Doofy Gilmore
Doofy Gilmore
Franchise: Scary Movie
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Serial killer
Gender: Male
Known relatives: Buffy Gilmore (sister; deceased)
Status: Alive
Introduction: Scary Movie
Final: Scary Movie
Actor: Dave Sheridan

Doofy Gilmore is a fictional serial killer, police officer and a character in the Scary Movie franchise. He was introduced in the 2000 horror/comedy film Scary Movie and was played by actor Dave Sheridan, serving as the film's main antagonist.


Doofy is a mentally disabled cop that Gail Hailstorm attempts to flirt with in order to get information on the latest murder case but he doesn't give over any information. At the end of the film, Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins are killed while the Sheriff and Cindy Campbell ponder over who the true killer was since Bobby and Ray were merely copycats. Thinking through a montage of clues such as Buffy's comments that Doofy had a crush on Drew Decker and him showing up at her door with the mask, it dawns on her that Doofy was the true killer all along and she rushes out to find him, only to be told by another officer that he had left. Doofy's feet are shown walking in a child-like manner before he begins to walk normally, revealing Doofy to have been faking his autism in order to throw off any suspicions of being the killer. He rips off his fake mustache, hops into a convertible with Gail and drives off into the sunset, throwing his backpack onto the road which contains the evidence and Cindy finds before screaming "No!" and being hit by an oncoming car.

Notes & Trivia

  • The character is a parody of Dewey Riley, a character from the 1996 horror film Scream, played by David Arquette.
  • The ending reveal that Doofy was faking his autism the whole time is a reference to The Usual Suspects.
  • Doofy is referenced to have a fetish for sticking his penis inside of a vacuum cleaner, which is eventually shown in a post-credits scene.


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