Doctor Dracula
Doctor Dracula (1978)
Title: Doctor Dracula
Directed by: Paul Aratow
Al Adamson
Written by: Paul Aratow
Cecil Brown
Gary Reathman
Samuel M. Sherman
Produced by: Edward H. Margolin
Lisa Rich
Lou Sorkin
Cinematography: Gary Graver
Robbie Greenberg
Edited by: Michael Bockman
Michael Bourne
David Webb Peoples
Distributed by: Rafael Film Associates
Independent International Pictures; Image Entertainment
Released: March, 1978
Rating: R
Running time: 88 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Doctor Dracula is an American independent film of the horror genre. It is loosely based on the character of Dracula as first seen in the 1891 novel Dracula by author Bram Stoker. The film was directed by Paul Aratow and Al Adamson and produced by Rafael Film Associates. It was distributed to limited theatrical release by Independent International Pictures. The movie premiered in March, 1978 and stars John Carradine as Hadley Radcliff, Donald Barry as Elliot, Larry Hankin as Wainwright, Geoffrey Land as Gregorio, Susie Ewing as Susan McIver and Regina Carrol as Valerie.

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  • Actor Paul Thomas is credited as Philip Toubus in this film. Ya getting the impression that not a lot of people want their real names attached to this flick?
  • Nike Zachmanoglou is the most awesome name ever. Just sayin'. He also appeared in the 1980 movie Alligator. Bet ya didn't know that. Bet ya didn't care.
  • Actress Noel Welch was likely a professional dancer as well. In addition to playing a dancer in this film, she also played a butterfly dancer in Lucifer's Women in 1974.

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