Doc Fisher
Camerahead Cenobite.jpg
Doc Fisher
Aliases: Daniel Fisher
Daniel "Doc" Fisher
Camerahead Cenobite
Franchise: Hellraiser
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Camera operator
Gender: Male
Location: Manhattan, New York City, New York
Status: Dead
Died: 1992
1st appearance: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)
Actor: Ken Carpenter

Daniel "Doc" Fisher is a fictional demon known as a Cenobite and a supporting character featured in the Hellraiser film series. Played by actor Ken Carpenter, he appeared in the third film in the series, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Doc" Fisher was a cameraman for Channel 8 news and was based out of Manhattan, New York City, New York. He worked with an ambitious field reporter named Joey Summerskill. When the demonic Cenobite known as Pinhead was set loose on the city, he began slaughtering the patrons of a trendy night club called the Boiler Room. When news of this event broke out, Joey telephoned Doc and asked him to meet her down there.

Doc arrived, but unfortunately became one of the many victims of Pinhead's rampage. Pinhead transmogrified Doc, merging his physical essence with that of his camera, turning him into the "Camerahead" cenobite. Camerahead, joined by two others, stalked Joey through the streets of downtown New York. Joey was able to ultimately banish Camerahead by solving the riddle of the Lemarchand puzzle box, sending all three and other 2 pseudo cenobites Pistonhead and Dreamer to Hell. [1]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Playing the role of Doc Fisher is actor Ken Carpenter's seventh film role and his first work in the horror genre.
  • Before being turned into a Cenobite, Doc Fisher was decapitated at the Boiler Room. Joey Summerskill found the partially converted Camerahead holding Doc's head in his hand.
  • An action figure of Doc Fisher as Camerahead was produced by Neca as part of their series 1 Hellraiser line.
  • Camerahead is the only Cenobite in the series with facial hair.

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