Frank Darabont - Developer of The Walking Dead.

A developer is someone who is charged with putting together the concept behind a television program. These individuals usually receive executive producer and writing credits on the show and may sometimes even direct episodes. Executive producers who are developers of a program are also referred to as showrunners.

It is not uncommon for a developer to leave a series, yet still retain credit on the opening title card or closing credit sequence of a show, long after they had departed the project. For example, Angel co-creator David Greenwalt left the series after season three, but was still credited as a co-creator and consulting producer for two more seasons. Frank Darabont, showrunner for the AMC series The Walking Dead left the show early in season two, but still received a "developed by" credit on further episodes.

Some series showrunners, who are no longer active executive producers on a show may be credited as supervising producers.

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Developer is also the name of the solution used when processing photographic prints.
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