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Dennis Patrick was an American actor born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 14th, 1918. With more than 150 film and television series credits to his resume, Patrick is probably best known for his work on the 1966-71 ABC gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Patrick debuted in episode 193 as the charismatic con man Jason McGuire. Patrick played McGuire in 46 episodes of the program, culminating with the character's demise in episode 276. Dennis left the series after that, but returned two years later in 1969, this time playing the role of Paul Stoddard, ex-husband of series regular Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Patrick played Paul Stoddard for a total of 19 episodes. In 1970, Dennis Patrick made a brief appearance in the House of Dark Shadows feature film playing the part of Sheriff George Patterson. Dennis Patrick passed away in a house fire in his home in Hollywood, California at the age of 84.

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