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Dawn of the Dead is an American horror film of the zombie sub-genre. Directed by Zack Snyder, it is a remake of the original 1978 film Dawn of the Dead, directed by George Romero. The remake was produced by Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment and premiered in the United States on March 10th, 2004. The movie exists as a stand-alone story and though there have been other films and remakes in Romero's "Living Dead" retinue, this movie does not share characters or plot connections with any of the others. The film stars Sarah Polley as Ana, a doctor and newly-made widow, who meets up with a police officer named Kenneth, played by Ving Rhames ,as well as other survivors played by Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer and Inna Korobkina. Dawn of the Dead re-imagines the same basic premise as the original film in that a group of people, having barely survived the onset of a zombie holocaust, find themselves seeking shelter in a shopping mall where they come to realize that they may very well be humanity's last stand against the forces of the undead.

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  • The majority of the film, which takes place in a shopping mall, was filmed at the Thornhill Square Shopping Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The actual mall used in the film was partially demolished shortly after the picture's release. In the film, it is called the Crossroads Mall. [3]
  • Dawn of the Dead marks the directorial debut of Zack Snyder, who will go on to direct the 2006 period film 300, the 2009 adaptation of the DC Comics maxi-series Watchmen, the 2010 fantasy film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and the 2011 sci-fi/fantasy film Sucker Punch.

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