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David Lynn Selby is an American actor born in Morgantown, West Virginia on February 5th, 1941. He is best known for playing the role of Quentin Collins on the original 1960s-70s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The series was Selby's first professional acting job and he appeared on a total of 307 episodes playing not only Quentin Collins, but also the character's great uncle (also named Quentin). Selby's on-screen debut on the series was actually as the ghost of Quentin Collins in episode 646. Selby actually made an uncredited contribution in the previous episode, providing Quentin's haunting laughter. In later episodes, he played the chronologically earlier version of Quentin in a story-arc commonly referred to as the 1840 flashback. He also played parallel time counterparts to both versions of the character towards the end of the series. In 1971, Dan Curtis Productions released the second of two Dark Shadows feature films, Night of Dark Shadows. Selby played an altogether different version of Quentin in this film and was a man who inherited the family's palatial estate known as Collinwood. More than thirty years later, Selby revisited the character for the play and audio drama Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood. The play was co-written by his David's son, Jamison Selby.

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  • David named his son Jamison after Jamison Collins, a character from Dark Shadows with whom Quentin shared a father-son dynamic.
  • Is a regular media guest at the annual Dark Shadows convention and is considered a fan favorite.

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