David Allen
David Allen.jpg
David Allen
Franchise: Evil Dead film series
Notability: Main character
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Died: 2013
1st appearance: Evil Dead
Actor: Shiloh Fernandez

David Allen is a fictional character featured in the Evil Dead film series. Played by actor Shiloh Fernandez, he was one of the main characters from the 2013 remake of Evil Dead.

Biography[edit | edit source]

David Allen was a young man and the older brother of a recovering heroin addict named Mia Allen. He was the boyfriend of a girl named Natalie and owned a pet dog named Grandpa. David, Mia, Natalie, and their friends Eric and Olivia went to a cabin in the woods with the intent of staying there until Mia could recover from her addiction.

They found various occult related items at the cabin, including a book with demonic spells and incantations written inside. Eric read aloud from the book, which awakened dark malevolent forces that took control of Mia. David, unaware as yet as to what had happened to her, found her out in the woods and brought her back to the cabin. Mia began taking a shower in scalding hot water, and David decided to take her to the hospital. Bad rain prevented them from leaving however, and he was forced to bring her back. He then found his dog, Grandpa, dead, underneath a shed near the cabin.

The possessed Mia began attacking others, injuring first Eric then Natalie. Natalie was infected by the demonic force and attacked David, who shot her arm off, which led to her bleeding to death. David subdued Mia and then took her outside where he buried her alive. He then dug her up and revived her, which succeeded in exorcising the demon. Eric however, was now possessed, and stabbed David in the neck. David used a gun to shoot a gasoline can, which exploded destroying both Eric and himself. [1]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • David Allen is not to be confused with Dave Allen, who is a special effects supervisor, stop motion animator and film director who worked on such films as Puppet Master II and The Dungeonmaster.
  • Final fate: Stabbed in the neck, and then burned to death. Final victim in the film including the possessed Eric.
  • David does not have a direct analog to the original film, but as the leading man of this picture, he is most closely associated with Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell. Unlike Ash Williams however, David is not quite as "groovy".
  • Playing the role of David is Shiloh Fernandez's thirteenth feature film work (not counting television movies).

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