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David (Piranha)
Franchise: Piranha
Notability: Minor
Gender: Male
Status: Dead
Died: 1978
1st appearance: Piranha (1978)
Actor: Roger Richman

'David was a minor character featured in the 1978 predatory animal film Piranha. He was played by actor Roger Richman.

Biography Edit

David and his girlfriend Barbara Randolph went hiking through the woods as part of a personal camping getaway. They came upon an old, closed down military testing site, which included a large pool. Sneaking into the restricted area, Barbara suggested they should go swimming to clean off before climbing into their sleeping bags. David was concerned that the site might have been a sewage treatment plant. The choice was taken away from him however when Barbara pushed him into the water. She dove in after him, but suddenly David felt something nipping at his leg. He thought Barbara had bitten him, but in truth, it was a school of mutated piranha fish. Attracted by the blood, more piranha swarmed in and killed him. They then killed Barbara shortly thereafter.

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  • Is the first piranha victim featured in the film.

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