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Dark Shadows DVD Collection 8 is the eighth DVD collection relating to the original 1966-1971 Dark Shadows television series. It was released by MPI Home Video on October 1st, 2003. The collection includes forty episodes of the program spanning episodes 493-532/533.

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With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. Since first airing on ABC-TV from 1966-71, Dark Shadows has earned the reputation as being one of the most unusual and enduring programs in television history. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden 175 year-old vampire, brought the show tremendous success.

Hoping to free himself and the entire Collins family of Angelique the witch's evil schemes, Barnabas hires artist Sam Evans to age her portrait, causing Angelique to rapidly age into a 200-year-old woman. The ghost of Reverend Trask appears at the Old House to seek vengeance against Barnabas for hte tragedies in Collinsport of 1795. Professor Stokes questions Victoria Winters about her trip back in time and what she knows about Angelique. A mysterious stranger named Nicholas Blair arrives at Collinwood and claims to be the brother of Cassandra Collins (alias Angelique). [1]

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Special Features Edit

This collection includes exclusive interviews with creator/executive producer Dan Curtis, former network executive Leonard Goldberg, actor John Karlen and video produer/publicist Jim Pierson.

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  • Production code/release number: DVD7537.
  • Total running time: 11 hours (approx)

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  1. MPI Home Video summary; taken from back cover of collection.

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