"The Murder of Bill Malloy"
Title: "The Murder of Bill Malloy"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1966
Airdates: August 15th-December 19th, 1966
Chapters: 80
Episodes: 46-126
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1966
Major characters: Bill Malloy; Matthew Morgan; Roger Collins; Victoria Winters; Carolyn Stoddard; Burke Devlin
Previous: "Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot"
Next: "The Abduction of Victoria Winters"
"The Return of Laura Collins"

"The Murder of Bill Malloy" is the unofficial title to a major storyline that took place during the 1966 season of the ABC daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The story is set in the pre-Barnabas Collins era of the series and began with the death of the character of Bill Malloy in episode 46 and culminated with the appearance of his avenging spirit and the death of his murderer Matthew Morgan in episode 126. The storyline takes place after the "Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot" storyline also also comprises "The Abduction of Victoria Winters" story-arc, which is an adjunct of the larger "The Journey of Victoria Winters" storyline. It is followed by "The Return of Laura Collins" storyline. In addition to Bill Malloy and Matthew Morgan, major characters in the storyline include Roger Collins, Burke Devlin, Carolyn Stoddard and Victoria Winters.

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