My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is just beginning; a journey that I hope will open the doors of life to me and link my past with my future, a journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place, to the edge of the sea, high atop Widows' Hill, a house called Collinwood, a world I've never known, with people I've never met, people who tonight are still only shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill the days and nights of my tomorrows.

"The Journey of Victoria Winters"
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Title: "The Journey of Victoria Winters"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1966-1967
Airdates: June 27th, 1966 - ???
Episodes: 1-???
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1960s
Major characters: Victoria Winters; Elizabeth Collins Stoddard; Roger Collins; Burke Devlin; David Collins; Carolyn Stoddard
Minor characters: Mrs. Hopewell; Mrs. Mitchell; Sandy; Train conductor
Previous: "Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot" (concurrent)
Next: ???

"The Journey of Victoria Winters" is the inaugural story-arc of the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The storyline begins with episode 1 and focuses on the introduction of the character of Victoria Winters, one of the central figures from the early years of the series. The storyline was broadcast concurrently with a secondary story-arc which we refer to as "Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot". The storyline is largely an exploration of character and does not have a clearly defined conclusion. The story-arc ran strongest during the 1966 season of Dark Shadows, but began to take a back seat to more popular plot threads developing in early 1967 - in particular, the introduction of vampire character Barnabas Collins.

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The series opens with the introduction of Victoria Winters, a young woman in her early twenties who grew up as an orphan in New York. Unexpectedly, she receives an offer to come up to the coastal town of Collinsport, Maine to accept a position as governess to a troubled young boy named David Collins. As she arrives, she learns that the wealthy Collins family have a dark and mysterious heritage. Local residents such as Burke Devlin and Maggie Evans give her fair warning about working for the Collins', but Vicki dismisses their concerns, feeling in her heart that learning about the family might very well hold the secrets to her own past.

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