"Through sight and sound and nameless terror, through endless corridors by trial and error, a blazing head of light will burn, and one door leads to the point of return."
The Beckoner[src]
"The Dream Curse"
DS 507 001
Title: "The Dream Curse"
Series: Dark Shadows
Setting: Collinsport, Maine
Major characters: Cassandra Blair Collins
Previous: "1795 Flashback"
Next: "The Birth of Adam"

"The Dream Curse" is the unofficial name given to a storyline from the 1966-1971 daytime gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. A witch by the name of Angelique sought to avenge herself against Barnabas Collins for spurning her love by enacting a curse that would not only torment all those that Barnabas loved, but ultimately result in him becoming a vampire - a curse he already suffered through once before thanks to Angelique's machinations. The curse started with a random individual within Barnabas' circle of friends and family members who would be beckoned into a darkened chamber by the voice of someone they knew whereupon they would be assailed by any number of nightmarish images. Upon awakening, the dreamer would then feel absolutely compelled to talk about the experience to the individual who appeared to them in the dream. At which point, that individual would then have the dream, wherein they would be summoned by someone else they knew. This continued on from person to person with the number of horrific images increasing in intensity until finally it would reach back to Barnabas himself. The conclusion of the dream is that Barnabas would have it himself, after which, a vampire bat would appear and turn him back into a vampire.

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