"If I did not know what horrors we commit, even in our dreams, I'd say all malice and evil leave us when we sleep. How gentle he looks at times like this."
Barnabas Collins[src]
"The Birth of Adam"
DS 485 005
Title: "The Birth of Adam"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1968
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1968
Major characters: Adam; Barnabas Collins; Julia Hoffman; Jeff Clark; Carolyn Stoddard; Doctor Eric Lang
Minor characters: Sarah Johnson
Previous: "1795 Flashback"
Next: "The Dream Curse"

"The Birth of Adam" is the unofficial name of a multi-episodic story-arc featured in the 1968 season of the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The roots of the storyline were planted immediately following the "1795 Flashback" and it blended in with another major story-arc called "The Dream Curse".

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