Dark Shadows: The Beginning DVD Collection 5
Dark Shadows - The Beginning - Collection 5 002.jpg
Series: Dark Shadows
Format: Region 1
Season: 1966
Episodes: 144-178
Discs: 4
Studio: MPI Home Video
Released: April 10th, 2012
Previous: Collection 4
Next: Collection 6

Dark Shadows: The Beginning DVD Collection 5 is a four-disc DVD set that collects episodes #144-178 of the original Dark Shadows television series. Discs 1-3 include nine episodes each, while disc four includes eight episodes plus bonus interviews.

Product description[edit | edit source]

With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden 175-year old vampire, brought the show tremendous success. Now, for the first time on DVD, MPI presents the spooky series' rare, early episodes before Barnabas.

Victoria Winters and Frank Garner anxiously search for clues to Laura Collins' strange origins and are led to a series of bizarre discoveries. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard orders Laura to leave Collinwood, but Laura secretly visits Elizabeth while she sleeps and places her in a trance. Laura warns Victoria that she will take control of her son, David Collins, but becomes frightened when the ghost of Josette Collins appears to her. Against Roger Collins' wishes, a psychic investigator, Dr. Peter Guthrie, is called in to examine the strange occurrences at Collinwood and a seance is held. Victoria and Guthrie learn that the body of a dead woman identified as Laura has disappeared from the morgue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Dark Shadows: 144
  2. Dark Shadows: 145
  3. Dark Shadows: 146
  4. Dark Shadows: 147
  5. Dark Shadows: 148
  6. Dark Shadows: 149
  7. Dark Shadows: 150
  8. Dark Shadows: 151
  9. Dark Shadows: 152
  10. Dark Shadows: 153
  11. Dark Shadows: 154
  12. Dark Shadows: 155
  13. Dark Shadows: 156
  14. Dark Shadows: 157
  15. Dark Shadows: 158
  16. Dark Shadows: 159
  17. Dark Shadows: 160
  18. Dark Shadows: 161
  19. Dark Shadows: 162
  20. Dark Shadows: 163
  21. Dark Shadows: 164
  22. Dark Shadows: 165
  23. Dark Shadows: 166
  24. Dark Shadows: 167
  25. Dark Shadows: 168
  26. Dark Shadows: 169
  27. Dark Shadows: 170
  28. Dark Shadows: 171
  29. Dark Shadows: 172
  30. Dark Shadows: 173
  31. Dark Shadows: 174
  32. Dark Shadows: 175
  33. Dark Shadows: 176
  34. Dark Shadows: 177
  35. Dark Shadows: 178

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Episodes from this collection are from season two of the series.
  • Includes a bonus interview with Ron Sproat, who was a regular writer on the series.

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