"The Abduction of Maggie Evans"
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Title: "The Abduction of Maggie Evans"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1967
Airdates: May 11th-???, 1967
Episodes: 229-???
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1967
Major characters: Maggie Evans; Barnabas Collins; Willie Loomis; Julia Hoffman; Joe Haskell; Sam Evans; Sarah Collins; Dave Woodard
Minor characters: Burke Devlin; Josette du Prés
Previous: "The Arrival of Barnabas Collins"
Next: "The Ghost of Sarah Collins"

"The Abduction of Maggie Evans" is a storyline featured on the original ABC daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. It began airing in 1967 and is the second major storyline following the introduction of the show's most infamous villain, Barnabas Collins. The plot of the story involves Barnabas' obsession with Maggie Evans, whom he kidnaps and keeps prisoner inside the Old House. Through psychological torture and vampiric hypnosis, he convinces Maggie that she is the resurrection of his late 18th century beloved, Josette.

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