Dark Shadows: Reincarnation is an American television series of the supernatural thriller genre. It is based on the Dark Shadows multimedia franchise, which began in 1966 as a half-hour daytime Gothic soap opera. The show has been rebooted a few times, first in 1991 on NBC, which only lasted a half-season, then again in 2004 with an unaired pilot episode. The new series, developed by Mark B. Perry, is produced by Warner Bros. Television and aired on the CW Network.

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Episode Title Airdate
1x01 Pilot 2020

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  • Showrunner Mark B. Perry addressed concerns about the continuity of the new series, assuring fans that "This version will treat the show’s mythology with the same reverence given to Star Trek, but will also make the show accessible for audiences who aren’t yet familiar with the macabre world of the Collinses", while also teasing the notion that some liberties may be taken regarding the fabled Collins family history. [2][3]

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