"Jason McGuire's Blackmail Scheme"
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Title: "Jason McGuire's Blackmail Scheme"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1967
Airdates: March 22nd, 1967-July 17th, 1967
Chapters: 80
Episodes: Episodes 193-276
Setting: Collinwood, Collinsport, Maine (1967)
Major characters: Jason McGuire; Elizabeth Collins Stoddard; Paul Stoddard; Willie Loomis; Carolyn Stoddard; Roger Collins; Victoria Winters
Minor characters: Maggie Evans; Barnabas Collins
Previous: "The Return of Laura Collins"
Next: "The Arrival of Barnabas Collins"

"Jason McGuire's Blackmail Scheme" is a multi-episodic storyline featured in the 1960s-70s daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. As it's title suggests, the storyline begins with the introduction of the character of Jason McGuire in episode 193 and concludes with his demise in episode 276. The storyline began immediately after the conclusion of "The Return of Laura Collins" arc and encompassed some eighty episodes of the show throughout the 1967 season, though not all episodes necessarily centered around Jason McGuire. The storyline also overlapped "The Arrival of Barnabas Collins" story-arc, which began with episode 210.

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  • This is the last storyline featured in Dark Shadows that contains absolutely no elements of the supernatural.
  • Actor Dennis Patrick would later return to the series in 1969 with episode 888. Ironically, he would play the role of Paul Stoddard - a character who not truly seen before, but was an integral plot element of the Jason McGuire storyline.

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