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"Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot"
DS 42 009
Title: "Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1966-1967
Airdates: June 27th, 1966 - ???
Episodes: 1-???
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1960s
Major characters: Burke Devlin; Roger Collins; Elizabeth Collins Stoddard; Carolyn Stoddard; Victoria Winters; David Collins; Sam Evans
Minor characters: Joe Haskell; Mister Wells; Wilbur Strake
Previous: "The Journey of Victoria Winters" (concurrent)
Next: ???

"Burke Devlin's Revenge Plot" is one of the first major story-arcs from the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The storyline was broadcast concurrently with a secondary story-arc which we refer to as "The Journey of Victoria Winters". It is considered a secondary plot thread, while the previous story is the central storyline from the first year of the show.

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Episodes 193-198

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Note: Episodes marked with the (¿) symbol means that they are only tangentially connected to the main storyline.

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