A dark night. A figure moves through the silent forest on the estate of Collinwood, a man on a desperate mission. For to save himself, Jeb Hawkes must turn the shadow onto the devil's emmisary, Nicholas Blair, and Angelique has warned Jeb what a dangerous move this is. Nicholas is very aware of the shadow and what it means, and so Jeb must trick him into accepting him.

Episode 979
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1970, Episode 979
Airdate March 26th, 1970
Writer Sam Hall
Director Lela Swift
Producer Peter Miner
Starring Humbert Allen Astredo; Nancy Barrett; Louis Edmonds; David Henesy; Christopher Pennock; Geoffrey Scott
Previous Episode 978
Next Episode 980

Episode 979 is an untitled episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The episode was directed by Lela Swift and written by Sam Hall. It was produced by Peter Miner and first aired on ABC on Thursday, March 26th, 1970. In this episode, Jeb Hawkes makes a final effort to free himself from the manipulations of warlock Nicholas Blair with unexpected results. Carolyn Stoddard has a terrible premonition of things to come and sees the demise of her beloved husband. Roger Collins discovers the room to parallel time.

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  • Final appearance of Nicholas Blair; dies in this episode although he does briefly return as a ghost.

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